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How to Turn Your Kitchen into a Mini-Spa
Sep 8, 2011
Kitchen into MiniSpa

As a college student, I know ALL about ballin’ on a budget. With the price of tuition and textbooks skyrocketing, I rarely have the extra coins for expensive scrubs and […]

Universal Happy: Quantum Physics For Vixens
Sep 7, 2011
happy black woman

We’ve all listened to our friends complain about the no-good men in their lives. Okay, maybe our friends have listened to us complain, but whatever the case, we can all […]

Vixen Trend: How To Rock Lucite Without Looking Tacky
Sep 6, 2011

Lucite is hot again this season! We’re seeing it pop up in bangles, earrings and even heels. While we love a small dose of lucite here and there, it can […]

Vixen Fashion Fetish: Labor Day Looks
Sep 5, 2011
Sofia Vegara

As the summer winds down, we know we’re not the only ones tearing up at the thought of packing away our shorts and sandals. Try to contain yourselves and vixen-ize […]

Why Every Vixen Should Own a Bonnet Dryer
Sep 1, 2011
Hair Bonnet

Most vixens try to avoid it at all costs, but the benefits of sitting under a hard bonnet dryer are so worth the discomfort. Sure, there are alternatives to sitting […]

He’s Locked Up! Should You Hold Him Down?
Aug 31, 2011 | 3 Comments
jail love

Life is full of decisions, and some are more difficult to make than others. When your man gets locked up, it’s obviously a difficult time. With so many people going […]

Game Recognizes Game: Trust Issues
Aug 30, 2011 | 3 Comments
Trust Issues

A quick skim of my Twitter timeline at any random point in the day, and I am guaranteed to be updated on when the pine green Nike Foams hit stores, […]

The “N” Word
Aug 29, 2011 | 2 Comments
Nappy is Fly

While perusing one of my long- time favorite blogs (, I came across a post about the word “nappy.” Now, a lot of Black women feel some type of way […]

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