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Contributors: JasFly
Dear Sistas, Let These White People Study You
Jun 21, 2012
Black Woman White Woman

If I told you that you were great, would you listen to me? If I wrote an article proclaiming how fascinating, dynamic, progressive and resilient you are, would you receive […]

The Young & The Reckless: Drake, Rih and Breezy
Jun 16, 2012

Let’s get right to it. As more details emerge in the Wednesday night debacle at W.i.P nightclub, several things are becoming painfully clear. The collateral damage caused by bravado, ego […]

Haters Are Optional
Jun 12, 2012
50 Cent Oprah

Could you forgive someone who hated you for no reason? Could you sit down in the home of a person who spent years trashing you (publicly) every chance they got, […]

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