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Woman Arrested After Snapping a Selfie
Jul 22, 2014
Woman Arrested After Snapping Selfie

Like any average 20-something female fashionista, after Danielle Saxton enjoyed a sweet shopping spree, she went home and cut-up on her own personal catwalk—trying on her new duds, snapping selfies, […]

Fight Club is Getting a Comic Sequel
Jul 22, 2014
Fight Club comic book sequel Chuck Palahniuk

The first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club—unless you’re Chuck Palahaniuk and you’re making Fight Club 2. The award-winning writer will collaborate with artists Cameron […]

Adrienne Bailon Removes ‘Rob Kardashian’ Butt Tattoo on TV [Video]
Jul 16, 2014
Adrienne Bailon

Six years ago, former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon thought it was a good idea to get a tattoo of her then-boyfriend, Rob Kardashian’s name on her butt. Seeing that they’ve […]

Vanessa Williams Opens Up About Being Molested By a Woman
Jul 16, 2014
Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams opens up about being molested when she was 10 years old. The 51-year-old former Miss America made an appearance on Oprah’s Master Class and discussed how being molested […]

You’ll Hear Whitney’s Songs, But Not Voice in Upcoming Biopic
Jul 16, 2014
Yaya Dacosta as Whitney Houston

You’ll hear Whitney’s songs, but you won’t hear her voice in her upcoming biopic. Just days after Lifetime released the photo revealing Arlen Escarpeta as Bobby Brown in the Whitney […]

Rihanna Clarifies Her #FreePalestine Tweet
Jul 16, 2014
Rihanna Tweet

Rihanna clarifies her #FreePalenstine tweet, well sort of. She’s been known to speak very freely on Twitter but rarely do you see her comment on foreign affairs. Yesterday, the spicy […]

Vixen Vent: Step It Up, Rihanna
Jul 16, 2014
Rihanna's 10 Most Memorable Sports Moments

How does one find inspiration to push yourself harder when you’ve already proven that you could seemingly give half the effort and achieve maximum success all the same? In the […]

People With Utterly Insane Celebrity Ink
Jul 15, 2014

  There are fans—and then there’s SUPER stans. Admirers will go all out to show how much they love their celebrity of choice and nothing says I’m obsessed with you […]

Bobbi Kristina Post a Pic of Herself Smoking a Bong
Jul 15, 2014
Bobbi Kristina

Daughter of Bobbie Brown and the late Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina posted a picture on Instagram of herself smoking out of a bong. Along the with the picture, the actress […]

Three Eighth Grade Boys, One 1.7 Million Dollar Contract
Jul 15, 2014
Unlocking the Truth

  While most eighth grade boys are worrying about acne, video games, and girls these three boys have much bigger things to concentrate on. The metal trio—Malcolm Brickhouse, 13, Alec […]

She Paid 30K To Look Like Kim Kardashian
Jul 15, 2014
Claire Lesson-Kim Kardashian

While most of us simply head to E! to get weekly updates on all things Kardashian, one fan took the phrase Keeping Up With the Kardashians a little too literally. […]

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