Contributors: Fajr Muhammad
Cutting Ties: Black Women’s Love/Hate Relationship with the Salon
Mar 30, 2012

If you are a black woman, at some point in your hair’s life you have been a slave to the hair salon. The every 2 week ritual, the all day […]

Glamorous Life: The Price of Looking Good
Mar 22, 2012

When we see our favorite celebrities walking the red carpet or hosting an event, they always look flawless. Hair done, nails done, everything did. Their coifs are perfectly styled, their faces […]

Nothing To Wear: 5 Ways to Craft a Wardrobe You Actually Like
Aug 31, 2011
Carrie Closet

We’ve all been there, standing in front of our ominous closet staring at our wardrobe with contempt and scorn. “Who bought all of these clothes”, you wonder. As you flick […]

6-Inches Or More: Are High Heels Hurting More Than Helping?
Aug 10, 2011 | 3 Comments

Drake said it best: “Time heals all, and heels hurt to walk in.” Contrary to the Sex and the City notion of “the higher the heel, the better,” heels are […]

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