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Beauty Vice: Pretty Under One Condition
Aug 3, 2012
Beauty Vice: Pretty Under One Condition

“Don’t you know your imperfections/Is a wonderful blessing/From Heaven is where you got it from/I love your smile/You can do it without style/From your lips, all the way to your […]

Shrug it Off – Stop Stress & Save Your Beauty
Jul 16, 2012

Non-stop. The one word that describes your day to day life. From juggling work, events, friends and family, you barely have time to squeeze in a couple of minutes to […]

Angry Beauty: Are You Holding Back Props When They’re Due?
Jul 12, 2012
Angry Beauty

“Did you see her? Would you rock those leopard print shoes? They kind of remind me of a tacky, stripper shoe if you ask me. The rest of the outfit […]

You Are Who You Attract: Is your Hairstyle Keeping You in a Box?
Mar 28, 2012

About a month ago me and my sister were chatting about what we were looking for in a mate. Even though my sister rocks a perm and I am natural, […]

Lost & Found: Are YOU the “Basic” Girl in the Crowd?
Dec 27, 2011 | 1 Comment
Stand Out Main Vibe-Vixen

After flipping through TV channels and skimming magazines on a Saturday afternoon, you see which trends are rapidly spreading like wildfire. In your head you think it’s just a matter […]

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