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12 End-of-the-Summer Getaway Giveaways
Jul 29, 2014
summer getaways

  Summer 2014 is quickly coming to an end and colorful leaves will be painting the pavement before you know it. And while barbeques and bon fires are nice, every Vixen […]

Nelly Explains Floyd Mayweather Beef
Jul 29, 2014
Mayweather and Nelly Beef Cover

When we heard that Shantel Jackson—former fiancée of Floyd Mayweather Jr.—had spent her birthday celebrating with a certain southern emcee, we thought it might have been the King of the […]

July 21: Vixen’s Pop Culture Week in Review Matrix
Jul 27, 2014
Vixen Matrix July 21

We’ve seen more marriage ups and downs in one week than the courthouse does in a whole year. And while a few celebs were busy throwing shade, Vixen was collecting […]

11 Inexpensive Ways to Redecorate Your Home
Jul 27, 2014
redecorate your home cover

 Your home should be your sanctuary—a place where you can seek solace whenever the outside world is becoming too much to bear. But how can it live up to it’s […]

9 Hats to Remedy Your Bad Hair Days
Jul 27, 2014
bad hair day cover

Try as you might, some days your hair just will not cooperate with you. You straighten it on maximum heat and it keeps its natural curl. You get carpel tunnel […]

13 Stylish Sneakers for the Low Budget Vixen
Jul 25, 2014
stylish sneakers cover

Those five-inch stilettos look great in photos, but walking in them for any extended period of time can be hell on your feet.  We’ve all heard the popular adage, “Beauty […]

The Vixen Guide to Dealing With Break Ups
Jul 25, 2014
vixen break ups cover

These days, break ups are harder than ever to cope with. Not only are you hearing all your friends giving you advice on how to get over the guy, but […]

Interview: Jill Scott Talks ‘Get On Up’ and Connection to James Brown
Jul 25, 2014
vixen chat jill scott

It’s not often that one gets the opportunity to meet one of the few people they admire and respect enough to call a role model. And it’s even more rare […]

‘The Simpsons’ Binge Watching Just Became Easier
Jul 25, 2014
simpsons cover

The longest running cartoon primetime animated series is breaking new ground with a venture into the online world. While The Simpsons was at one point available to watch on Hulu, […]

Was Kevin Durant Cheating on Ex-Fiancé Monica Wright?
Jul 23, 2014
Kevin Durant Monica Wright Split

Just when we thought we’re about to witness a real-life resurrection of Love & Basketball, Kevin Durant and Monica Wright broke off their engagement earlier this year. The couple announced that […]

15 Faithful Husbands Who’ve Haven’t Been Caught in Cheating Scandals
Jul 23, 2014
faithful hubbies cover

Divorce rumors and illegitimate children be damned. There are still celebrity couples with (seemingly) strong relationships and men who (we like to think) are faithful husbands. While no marriage is […]

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