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7 Reasons Kanye West is One Big Contradiction
Aug 12, 2014
Kanye Contradictions Cover

  Kanye West may not have cutely-called cult like Rih or Bey, but his fans are just as loyal as a hardcore Hive or Army-member. We’ve stood by him through the […]

12 Tomboy Style Fashion Blogs to Follow for Inspiration
Aug 10, 2014
Tomboy Style Cover 2

Sometimes a Vixen just wants to ditch the body-con dress and Louboutins for an oversized tee and a pair of loose-fitting jeans. We may even throw a hat on instead […]

16 Jewelry Boutiques to Check Out on Etsy
Aug 10, 2014
Etsy Chickpea Designs

Vixens know that the right accessories can turn a plain tee and jeans into runway style. But those statement pieces either cost way too much or are a dime a […]

Chris Brown Made Karrueche His ‘Only #WCW’
Aug 7, 2014
cb makes kae #wcw

  In between sappy posts about soul mates and promotions for his new album set to release in a little over a month, Chris Brown decided to throw gossip blogs […]

5 Theories Behind Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy’s Split
Aug 6, 2014
Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy Split

Since news of the Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy split hit news outlets Friday (Aug 1), the question of how it all went down has been on everyone’s mind. The […]

Kim Kardashian Officially Becomes Mrs. West
Aug 6, 2014
Kim K Name Change Cover

It’s official, everyone—Kim Kardashian is now Kim West, or so she says. The reality star posted a flawless shot of her passport photo Tuesday (Aug 5) with the hashtags #Mrs.West […]

Did Jay Z and Beyoncé Stage #ElevatorGate?
Aug 6, 2014
Jay Z and Beyonce #ElevatorGate

We all looked on in horror (and humor) as we watched Solange try to drop-kick her beloved bro-in-law during the 2014 Met Gala in April. And ever since #ElevatorGate, Jay […]

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Save the Date Video Goes Viral
Aug 5, 2014
dwyane wade and gabrielle union 1

If ever there were a celebrity couple that professed their love to the world in the most adorable way possible, it would be Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union. From him […]

Becky Hammon Becomes 2nd Female NBA Assistant Coach in History
Aug 5, 2014
becky hammon 1

The San Antonio Spurs are quietly putting together an arsenal for the 2014-2015 NBA season—only instead of stocking up on elite players, they’re creating a powerhouse coaching staff. The franchise […]

Congratulations! Tony Parker Gets Remarried
Aug 5, 2014
Tony Parker Remarries cover

While some were still thinking of Tony Parker as Eva Longoria‘s ex, the San Antonio Spur was off wooing the new love of his life. People magazine reports that he and […]

Keke Palmer Lands Starring Role in Broadway’s ‘Cinderella’
Aug 4, 2014
keke pamer cinderella

  Looks like congratulations are in order for Keke Palmer as she adds Broadway actress to her lengthy repertoire. The new talk show host announced via Twitter that she will […]

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