The New Style of Sexy.

What is a Vixen? Just like a fox in a perilous jungle a Vixen woman is clever and quick on her feet.

She uses her mind, and her sex appeal—and she knows there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Her resume, like her fashion game is sick. And from her pad to corners of her panties drawer—a Vixen woman dwells in order. There is no mess to hide under this girl’s bed.

The Vixen woman is global. There is no one check box that defines her. She is Brooklyn. She is New Orleans. She is Dominica—a woman who fights for her voice, and her right to shoes.

She knows exactly wants her wants, and there is no doubt in her mind that she’ll have it. She knows just the right fragrance, bag, and the hottest lipstick shade—but the best part is, she can afford it.

A Vixen woman is young and fly. She is the new urban. And she’s just getting started.


VIBE VIXEN is for the strong and beautiful women of color in this new century. The VIBE Vixen site and premium publishers feature beauty and fashion, putting both in the context of America’s new multi-culture, the world we live in – how we dress, live, socialize; what we eat, listen to, watch; who leads us, inspires us, who makes us laugh.

By looking at what’s going on in the world and on the runway, VIBE VIXEN and can see around corners and lead our already trendsetting readers and users to what will happen next. VIBE VIXEN gives readers a lens through which they can view our time, and gain knowledge and information about beauty, health, celebrities, music, style, mean, life – that they can trust.