Trouble in Paradise: Eva Marcille Files Restraining Order Against Boyfriend Kevin McCall

Posted by on Apr 8, 2014

Eva and Kevin McCall

On Friday (Apr 4), Eva Marcille “did it for the ‘gram” when she posted a contradictory #FamilyFirst picture of her, Kevin McCall and their daughter Marley. This comes as quite the surprise since she reportedly filed a restraining order against the producer a week prior.

According to TMZ, on March 28th, she claims Kevin chased her and attempted to take their 2-month-old during a heated argument in their home.  The filed documents also state he kicked down 4 doors and threatened to punch her in the face. McCall’s been order to stay 100 ft. away from Marcille; so unless the above photo is a #TBT, he’s already violating the terms of his order.

We’re fans of Kevin and Eva, so we hope they can work through their issues.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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