Spahh Day: Antonique Smith Talks ‘Hold Up Wait A Minute’ and Church with Denzel Washington

Posted by on Mar 3, 2014


Most people don’t know that you actually sang in the movie. Was that Faith’s decision or something you suggested?

That was just because I could sing. They were auditioning people who would’ve had to lip sing and I got it and they knew I could sing, so it was kind of a no brainer. And it was so weird because back in that day, I would be in my bedroom practicing Faith’s eerie tone because one of the things that separated her from everybody else vocally was that tone. I practiced it in my bedroom as a teenager, so when I was able to audition, I was like “Man, I’ve done this.”


Do you guys keep in touch at all?

We’re friends. She’s amazing. Actually, she had a show Grammy week at the House of Blues and she was out of this world. She’s given me advice.

“Hold Up Wait a Minute” has a loud and soulful sound. Is that reflective of the rest of your upcoming music?

The EP is definitely going to be like soul. I like to call my sound as soul with a hip hop appeal to it. Whitney was my first inspiration. She’s my hometown hero–we’re both from East Orange, NJ. I wanted to sound like her. I taught myself to sing by listening to Whitney. Selena, Mariah; those are the people who shaped my voice. I was listening to Mary, but I was too young. That My Life album- oh, my God. Still to this day—oh, my God. Between that, Biggie, Jay Z–those things together– that’s me; that’s the stuff that I love. . With “Hold up Wait a Minute,” it has hip hop appeal to it, but we’re going to go a little bit more soul. “Seeing You Again” is more classic soul.

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