Lessons Learned: ‘Let’s Stay Together’ Star Erica Hubbard

Posted by on Mar 14, 2014

Erica Hubbard

Lessons you’ve learned from social media:

I learned from social media that you can meet someone on the internet anywhere and see them around town and it’s like you have been friends for a while without meeting them in person before.

Lessons you’ve learned from failure:

I learned from failure that if I fail myself, that I personally have to make up for each failure with an achievement so I can balance them out constantly.

Lessons you’ve learned from success:

I can do anything I want to achieve in life after I earned a college degree in three years!

Lessons you’ve learned from heartbreak:

I learned from heartbreak that I am a very, very sensitive individual and I learned that after a few heartbreaks, I can cry on cue.

Lessons you’ve learned from your parents: 

I learned from my parents how to have very genuine relationships and be extremely optimistic as a person.

Lessons you’ve learned from your ex:

I learned from an ex that two people can have great personalities and not be a perfect match.

Lessons you’ve learned from the bedroom:

I learned from my bedroom that depending on the color it is painted, your room can alter moods.

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