Vixen Vanity: Po Johnson Talks TV, Plastic Surgery, and Turning Over A New Leaf With Eye For Design Hair

Posted by on Jan 8, 2014

IMG_9117 You do open up very publicly especially in private manners regarding your dad and the nose job. Was that difficult? I can’t front, opening up about my dad was harder than the nose job. That was a situation I was dealing with all of my life, and I wanted to inspire someone and show people that I’m going through this, then maybe it’s okay that others are. A lot of times we as black women ignore our daddy issues and say “fuck him.” But we really need our dads. I wanted someone to be inspired and reach out to their own fathers. Definitely. As you said a lot of what you show is something a lot of young women are going through. How did your father’s absence affect your self-esteem? I’ve never been the type of person to hide something. If I was feeling something or wanted to do something I want everybody to know because I want everyone’s opinion. I’m always that researcher asking everyone, because I never see anything wrong with how I felt. If I want a nose job, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Of course opinions may come and let’s just be all the way honest, the black community often frowns upon it.

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