10 Positive Things Chris Brown Should Do Once He’s Out of Rehab

Posted by on Nov 22, 2013

Chris Brown gif

Chris Brown ran out of excuses for his negative action; he was granted passes so many times but now he’s coming face to face with his consequences. Luckily for him his anger only landed him a 90-day rehab stint but it could have been much worse. But  fans and critics think it’s time he focus on changing his unproductive ways for the sake of his career—and more importantly his well being.

Once the singer steps back into normalcy we’re  hoping to see a matured version of the “Run It” kid, instead of the chair slinging, word spewing, social handle deleting star he’s turned into recently. Although we can’t force him to turn over a new leaf we can give him ideas on how to, no?

Here are 10 things Breezy should do to stay out of trouble!

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