Kenan Thompson Feels Black Female Comedians Aren’t Ready For SNL

Posted by on Oct 17, 2013

Kenan Thompson

Saturday Night Live recently kicked off it’s 39th season with an all white cast of 6 members, 5 men and 1 woman.

This decision comes as no surprise as this marks the 6th season in a row that the comedy show failed to hire a black female. Meanwhile comedians like Kenan Thompson have no problem cross-dressing to portray black actresses.

While many may feel it’s time for SNL to give black female comedians a chance, funny man Thompson disagrees. ”They just never find ones that are ready,” the actor told TVGuide. Kenan is 1 of 3 black cast members in the 16 member skit show, and after 38 years, the show hired only 4 women.

Vixens, what female comedians do you think should be on SNL?

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

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