#VixenMackAttack: Mack Wilds Exclusive

Posted by on Sep 17, 2013

Tristan Mack WildsFrom corner kid cutie to ruthless rhyme-slinger, Mack Wilds aka Tristan Wilds will be hitting up Vixen daily for the next two weeks with a #VixenMackAttack. The Staten Island-native is readying his debut album, “New York: A Love Story,” and the former 90210 star will exclusively release behind-the-music video snippets to VIBE and VIBE Vixen readers. In this 13-part series, he’ll break down each track on the album—from the producers to the inspiration. Join Mack as he gives you an inside look at his upcoming musical premiere. The album will be officially released on September 30th—the countdown begins now!


Check out the exclusive video clip after the jump.




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