Vixen Review: ‘Nothing Was The Same’ is the Sound of a Man With Confidence

Posted by on Sep 25, 2013


Yes, Drizzy does bait on raw emotions by assuring his listeners that he’s as flawed as the next man (“Furthest Thing”) and that he’s not above a night cap with a gorgeous gal (“Come Thru”). Gentle songstress Jhene Aiko hauntingly traces his romantic memories in “From Time,” while he croons lovingly about giving himself to a lady friend on “Own It” and “Wu-Tang Forever,” which samples The Clan’s song of the same name. He even tip-toes on wedding song territory on his sugary-tinged, “Hold On We’re Going Home.” But for most of the 15-track album, he’s staring into the mirror admiringly and puffing out his newly chiseled chest saying, “Aubrey, you did good.”

Boastful, borderline aggressive accounts of his come-up and conquer punch holes through syrupy streams of consciousness like morse code. “Open the mail, staring at the check/Enough to make you throw up/Man it’s gross what I net,” he flexes on “Worst Behaviour.” His single-turned-mantra “Started From the Bottom”-whose anthemic stanzas wound up inked on Taco Bell sauce packets-echoes his personal pat on the back one hundred fold.

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