Cassie Tells Forever 21 Why She Shaved Her Head and Talks Style Influences

Posted by on Apr 26, 2013

Cassie forever 21 behind the scenes

What was your most memorable F21 shopping trip?
I had the best Forever 21 shopping experience when I was in New York and me and my best friends went crazy. It’s a best friend store! I think we bought a lot of the same clothes: t-shirts and print leggings.

Who are your style influences?
The music industry has definitely influenced my style. I’ve taken more chances. Be it my hair or how baggy I want to wear my pants, I’m inspired by so many other artists and people. So when I see something I like, I like to try it in my own way.

Who do you want to work with?
Collab I’m dying to do…I LOVE Lana Del Rey! I love the way she writes and her swag.

Who is your style icon?
Kate Moss. She’s just so effortless.

Why did you shave your head?
I had long, big curly hair for so many years and I just wanted to try something different. I actually didn’t have the intentions of shaving so much hair but when I went there I wanted to go all the way and kind of land in punk. The next day I woke up and I was like “OMG, what did I do?!” but slowly over the next few weeks got more comfortable in it. Your hair doesn’t define you. Wear your hair how you feel.

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