How to React When a Woman Flirts With Your Man

Posted by on Dec 19, 2012

Don’t be overly possessive or jealous
In short, the answer is don’t react. Remember that although he’s your dude, he doesn’t belong to you; you don’t own the man. Let him set the boundaries.

Studies on patterns of attraction in birds and humans show a partner’s appeal goes up once they’re coupled up versus when they’re single. It’s in our biological nature to seek out partners with desirable traits, and when we see a man who’s wifed up, our primitive brains tell us he’s a catch.

While you’d like to think that means women will back off once they find out he’s spoken for, there are some that will probably still pursue him. Take it as a compliment. You know he’s a catch—that’s why you’re with him. And if he’s a faithful dude, he won’t return pursuit.

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