Teyana Taylor: G.O.O.D. Girl, Urban Chic

Posted by on Sep 11, 2012

Teyana TaylorThe confident celebutante is by no means struggling to find her style niche. That much is evident on set for today’s cover shoot, where the 21-year-old pulls the majority of her own clothing, slipping in her proverbial two cents at every turn. It’s not bratty or difficult, but refreshing, to see a young talent have complete control of her brand. “I’m one of the few artists who doesn’t have a stylist,” she mentions.

It’s a simple theory: You can’t just dress her up, stick her in front of a camera and make her pretty girl pose in this tucked-away Vault Harlem street wear shop. She floats on set equipped with a black Maison Martin Margiela floor-length jacket, Versace Medusa necklace and Givenchy Rottweiler tee ready for trained eyes. Although she’s completely self-assured here, she continues to fight with and shy away from critics over a style she adamantly claims she resuscitated; a style that’s undeniably an homage to TLC, Aaliyah and Missy Elliott.

In mid-August, Rihanna—red-lipped, snapback-clad and tomboy swagged out—was mistaken for the Harlem chick. A simple retweet from Teyana—which she says was just a salute to her dopeness—sparked an all-out Twitter beef between the Lenox Ave. native and Rihanna’s Navy. On a recent Monday, the curly-haired, barely-legal bombshell took to her balcony at Le Montrose Suite Hotel to air out her grievances about unnecessary attacks against her swag. “Do I think I created this style? No. Did I bring it back? Yes! I branded snapbacks and sneakers. I made it sexy again,” she says with more fervor than an ’09 Kanye. “I’ve always been on my 90s shit, my tomboy shit, my sneakerhead shit. I do feel like I influenced [the style]. I made it okay for female artists to be comfortable in their skin, to be comfortable in street wear, to not always be glamorous 24/7. I would like to think I inspired a lot of artists.”

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