Swim Hair, Don’t Care: Protect Your Strands From The Water

Posted by on Aug 1, 2012

Tip 4: Wear a Swim Cap
We know; it looks lame, but it’s worth it. You probably don’t want to put on a swim cap for a neighborhood barbecue or social function like that, but if you’re swimming on a daily for recreation in an outdoor or indoor pool, this is a good bet because the chlorine will have even less contact with your hair than if you braided it or pulled it back.

Tip 5: Rinse Hair Immediately After Swimming
Most women know to do this, but you definitely want to make sure you don’t skip this step. Rinsing your hair with clean water after a swim is absolutely necessary so that any chemical residue you picked up in the pool will be removed.

Tip 6: Shampoo with the Right Cleanser
Just any shampoo won’t do. You want to make sure the cleanser you use has a chlorine-removing agent that will strip hair of any copper deposits which can discolor your hair. If your regular shampoo has EDTA or Phytic Acid, you’ll be good. If not purchase a shampoo specifically for swimming.

Tip 7: Deep Condition
You can continue with your normal conditioning routine from here, but make sure you deep condition by leaving the product on for at least 15 minutes.

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