Reality Shows We Could Have Done Without

Posted by on Jun 11, 2012

5. Real & Chance: Legend Hunters

We bet you forgot about Real and Chance, the rappers, brothers who had women fighting for their adoration. The only word that comes to mind is strange.

6. Fantasia For Real

The short-lived series Fantasia For Real took fans inside her private life, but perhaps let them in too much. The singer was chastised for her alleged affair with the father of her son.

7. Flavor of Love Charm School

Yes, Flavor of Love made the list twice. After taking us through three seasons, we then had to bear even more with former cast members learning how to act like regular human beings. It was torture.

8. Football Wives

The show was pegged to be even bigger than Basketball Wives, but turned into a snore fest instead with women who weren’t relatable and boring story lines.

9. Lil’ Kim Countdown to Lockdown

It was heart-wrenching watching the then queen of rap Lil’ Kim countdown her last days until she spent a year in jail.

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