Lost & Found: Are YOU the “Basic” Girl in the Crowd?

Posted by on Dec 27, 2011

Pause, time to switch it up. Sometimes people are too caught up in being the “Basic” girl or “trendsetter” and completely forget about being themselves, authentically. When you get bombarded by trends and new styles, you should still have a filter of what works for you and what doesn’t. Too many girls are concerned with not looking like the normal, boring, or “Basic” girl, trying their hardest to do the complete opposite. This often flops because there is no variety and nothing that is authentically your style or taste.

It’s time to embrace you! There is only one you, which will never be a duplicated, so this is your biggest advantage. Enjoy your taste and discover what you love and what works just for you. The less you think about defying everybody and just go for what you like, there is absolutely no way you will be just “Basic” or “average.”

Vixens: How do you naturally stand out from the crowd?

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