Five’s a Crowd: How to Keep it Cool with the Outer Circle

Posted by on Dec 15, 2011

Meet in a neutral place
The time to hang out with women you don’t know too well is not when you’re stranded on an island for a week with no exit strategy. A huge, all-girls vacay sounds super fun in theory, but too many women can turn what was supposed to be a relaxing getaway into a drama-filled weekend where no one is speaking to each other at the end. You wouldn’t go out of town with a new guy too soon so you should follow that same rule when it comes to the outer circle. (See Basketball Wives Miami’s trip to Italy as Exhibit A or Basketball Wives LA’s Hawaii trip as Exhibit B if you need more help understanding this one.)

Limit the alcohol
Drinking can either loosen your nerves and help you be more of yourself, or turn you into a completely different person. You really don’t want either one to happen with people you don’t know too well. The first option doesn’t sound so bad, but for the same reason you need to keep a tight lip, you need to have a cocktail limit if you have a tendency to develop diarrhea of the mouth when you have one too many. As for turning into a completely different person—nobody likes an angry drunk or an emotional one. You don’t want to be that girl when you’re out with people who will have no problem never speaking to you again. And as someone who has been stuck babysitting women who’ve had too much to drink while their real friends were off partying more times than I care to recall, you also don’t want to be the girl who can’t hold her liquor. Plus, the less drinks there are, the less chance one ends up getting thrown.

Do you have a big group of friends or do you keep a tight circle? How well do you get along when you’re hanging out with extended friends or new girls?

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