Dropping an Athlete’s Baby isn’t All the Money it’s Cracked Up to Be

Posted by on Dec 14, 2011

And then comes Bob Whitfield. Sorry, I-haven’t-paid-child-support-in-four-years-because-my-ex-wife-wears-Gucci-bags, Bob Whitfield. Looking at that man, it’s painfully obvious Sheree married him for the money—the money he used to have anyway. A true example of how the mighty have fallen, rather than take Sheree’s plea for child support payments to heart, he turned around and asked for a pay adjustment, claiming to only make $3,000/month–$3k?! For a $50,000 salary, Sheree could have gotten with a physically attractive man who might have actually had some morals.

While there are a couple of wives and ex-wives in this bunch, what we’re mostly dealing with is men who don’t know how to control their pockets or their penises, and women who see million dollar sports contracts and a ripe uterus as their financial holy grail. In the end, pros lose money, women lose their freedom, and both sides lose self-respect. But as long as there are reality shows waiting to chronicle that rise and fall, I imagine we won’t see any decline in get-knocked-up-by-a-pro-baller trend.

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