Is This Sassy, Afro-Wearing Vagina Ad Racist? [VIDEO]

Posted by on Jul 22, 2011

From Hello Beautiful– Are Summer’s Eve’s new ads racist? The feminine hygiene product company is promoting their latest campaign, “Hail To The V,” with minute-long clips featuring talking “vagina” hands.

Crazy, right?

Not yet.

The “Black” vagina is an afro-wearing, sassy, “girl!” & “mm-hmmm”-using vagina that’s about to hit the cluuuub. She goes by the name of Lady Wowza and spells wonder with a “u.”

The “Latin” vagina introduces herself with an “Ay-yi-yi” before admitting to wearing a leopard-print thong and rambling off in rapid-fire Spanish, “boo.”

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